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Audi A3 MK2 HATCH 5D 8PA 2WD ?55 mm 04~12 | Suspensiones ajustables XYZ Racing Top Sport Spec.

Audi A3 MK2 HATCH 5D 8PA 2WD Ø55 mm 04~12♰ Adjustable Suspension XYZ Racing The Top Sport Spec.

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Audi A3 MK2 HATCH 5D 8PA 2WD?55 mm 04 ~ 12 | Adjustable suspension XYZ Racing The Top Sport Spec.

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Audi A3 MK2 HATCH 5D 8PA 2WD?55 mm 04 ~ 12 | Adjustable suspension XYZ Racing The Top Sport Spec.

Amortisator hardness adjustment in 36 positions, independent mole precharge height adjustment, and aluminum coples with fall adjustment (in McPherson model)

Suspensiones cuerpo roscado D2 Racing

Technical Specifications

Type of coples in front axis: Aluminium coples with spherical junta
Type of back axis copel: Use original OEM copel
Reference: X-AU-08
Sustainability: 36 positions
Precharge: If
Used by: Fast Road


The version XYZ Racing The Top Sport Spec.it is the most advised for those users who wish to improve the chassis performance of their chassis substantially to do sports driving on road and mountain stairs.

It is the perfect option for those drivers who want to mount something of quality but whose performance is sports.Ideal for drivers who want to experience sensations by changing the suspension settings

This version includes rigid aluminum coples with uniball joint and fall adjustment mechanism in the McPherson versions in which integration is possible.


What are the benefits we get by mounting XYZ Racing The Top Sport Spec:

  • Improved stability of suspension in general
  • A significant increase in hardness and sports behavior
  • Better and faster step by curve
  • Reduction of rolling effect
  • Better braking distance
  • Better wear of tires
  • Increased Chassis Response Precision
  • The ability to adjust the height to the consumer's taste
  • Increased height reduction of the carrossery without affecting the carrier’s race
  • Adjusting the height of the carrossery regardless of the pre-load of the mole
  • Adjust the hardness of the amortisator forces in 36 positions per click valve
  • Adjustable falls in most Mcpherson architecture models
  • Coples are rigid aluminum with uniball joint with fall adjustment, only in McPherson systems that allow their integration


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