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Nissan 200 SX & Skyline

In this guide you will be able to locate and identify the components that are part of the back axis of the Nissan 200 SX, valid for the versions, S13, S14, S15 and Skylines.

chasis suspensions trasera Nissan 200 SX

The figure above shows a back axis of Nisan 200SX S13, but it is also a reference for the S14, S14 and Skylines.

1 – Toe rods

tirantes de convergencia driftworks s14

In the models with the HICAS system it will be necessary to mount the HICAS Driftworks cancellation kit.ëste kit provides new supports and silentblocks to mount the Toe rods correctly.

They serve to adjust the parallelism of the wheels with respect to the longitudinal axis of the car, it is the main cause of irregular wear and accused on the tires by the outside if the wheels are geometrically in excessive convergence or wear in the inside if they are in excessive divergence.This effect is also caused if the silentblocks of the original arms are very wasted and in bad condition.

Difference favors more overwinning, while convergence tends to subwinning.

The divergence favors the turn on the curve but gives more inestability on the straight line while the convergence wants to “drive” the car forward and provides a major straight line stability.

Change of Arms

brazos ajustables Driftworks Nissan

The S13, R32 and Z32 models use the same but are different in the S14, S15 and R33, R34, but the function and assembly are identical.

Changing arms or adjustable falling arms allow the geometric angle of the wheels to graduate.

to understand how the falls work, see this geometry tutorial

In general, we could define the fall like this;

If the geometric center coincides with the vertical it is said that the fall is zero, the wheel is straight.
If the wheel is closer to the engine by the bottom that above it is said that the fall is positive.
If the wheel is closer to the engine from the top to the bottom then the fall is negative.

Perpendicular fall zero is the reference neutral position, favors the overall stability of the car in all driving conditions.It is the ideal quota for daily use in a normal and regular vehicle to move and make travel.

The positive fall it favours the rotation on the curves, but disadvantages the straight line stability and can lead to greater wear by the outer rotation band.

The negative fall it favours the adherence and maintenance of the curve trajectory but disadvantages the stability in the straight, but disadvantages the curve rotation and can also impact on a greater wear of the tires on the inside of the rolling band.

Traction rods

The traction or drag or traction rods shooters control the parallel and fall in motion.These two stopsmeters (fall and parallel) vary together when the suspension race moves down (compression) or up (extension).This parameter is quite complex to measure statically, it is recommended to adjust 10 mm longer than the original arms to favour moving configuration for drift practice.

traction rods tirantes arrastre driftworks

The Control Arms

The lower suspension arms or lower control arms, they serve to expand the battle width (width of routes), to greater width more lateral grip and better distribution of forces but more spin resistance.

nissan 200 sx brazos ajustables driftworks