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Trackday Anti-Wire Bar


Barras antivuelco Track day

Trackday anti-wheel bars.Anti-wheel bars are an essential element for our safety in the practice of automotive as a sport, whatever the specialty in which we participate.

The safety structures, which are currently mandatory in competition vehicles participating in official and/or federated competitions, are intended to protect occupants in case of accidents, particular in case of turning or shock.


The safety structures, which are currently mandatory in competition vehicles participating in official competitions under FIA regulations, are intended to protect occupants in case of accidents, particular in case of turning or shock.

In the cars that must pass technical verification are required and must comply with Annex J FIA, at the end of this page you can access the link of the FIA norms by clicking on "know more details".

In the vehicles that practice tandas or trackdays are usually highly recommended, in an official competition it is of mandatory use to guarantee our own safety in case of accidents with or without turning, therefore you have to be aware that although they do not force us in free tandas, it is an accessory that we shouldn’t have to pass over because it’s our saviors in case of accident.

In addition, it is not only for our safety, but also the assembly of an antivulk bars significantly strengthens the chassis making it more consistent and compact, the chassis of origin tends to have some flexibility to provide passengers' walking comfort, if we run on a circuit and don't carry bars, the chassis will be subjected structurally the torsional forces and this will gradually weaken.

Barras antivuelco FIA y Track day

Types of antivulco bars

Within the antivulcs or roll cages we can find 2 general groups:

  • The TrackDay Antivirus , to ride on vehicles that will circulate normally on the street and have to pass ITV inspections

  • The FIA Antivulc Bar , to ride exclusively on cars that will circulate outside roads in circuits


The TrackDay Antivirus

Although both divisions are very similar, they are very different because one is intended to be used in street tourism and must comply with certain rules to be legalized and homologated to pass ITV inspections, these must try to stumble and/or interfere as little as possible with the occupants of the vehicle, for example, in these cannot be mounted the bars or side crosses on the doors because it makes the access and departure of occupants difficult.At all times a perfect visibility should be mantenined and that this should not be affected or at least, and cannot interfere with the original equipment safety belt.

They serve as a previously welded structure with reinforcement plates that must be welded to the floor of the vehicle

In any case, all kinds of bars must anchor the carrossery of the vehicle by previously welding the supplied steel material reinforcement plates of at least 3 mm thickness to the chassis of the vehicle so that they can then fix the bases of the structure by turns.The bars cannot be drawn directly to the floor of the vehicle because the vehicle is not ready to endure a turning and could perforate the floor in case of turning and damaging the pilot and/or copilot.

Instead in the FIA roll cages, the structures are usually more complex and there are often various variants that have more tubes and diagonal than in the roll cages track day, even security can be strengthened with the integration of cross-type bars on the doors, reinforced downs, cross-cross roof bars etc.The competition is governed by the regulations FIA it regulates the form of the minimum structures that must meet the roll cages to be able to compete in official races.

It must be noted that in the FIA roll cages the pilot and copilot go much more protected thanks to the use of FIA bakets, arneses, helmets and clothing seats, as well as FIA homologated clothes so that the helm does not touch directly with the metal tubes, so more complex structures can be used

The FIA Antivulc Bar (click to see the post)

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Barras antivuelco

Trackday Anti-Wire Bar