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K-Sport adjustable threaded suspensions

Suspensiones Roscada K-Sport

General characteristics:

High performance threaded body suspensions for cars with a marked sporty character and for users with predominantly sporty driving.

Suspensions K Sport they are very popular in Asian touring car competitions, due to their wide variety of ranges that they can supply, for street and for competitions on asphalt, dirt and circuit, you can choose from a wide range, Street Series, Sport Series, Circuit Spec Series, Rally Asphalt Spec Series, Rallye Gravel Spec Series, Drift Spec Series, Super Sport Series, Super Racing Series and Pro Racing Series

High performance

K Sport is a brand of TW Racing Parts, one of the largest industrial companies in Taiwan specializing in the manufacture of suspension and brake systems for competition.

With a structure of more than 500 employees and facilities of more than 80,000 m2, it is a leading company in its sector, dedicating more than 2 million dollars a year in R&D to develop new applications and new technologies both in suspension systems as in oversized brake systems.

With suspensionsK Sport you can make the adjustments to your liking with a range of configurations of your car like never other brands have been able to offer you before.

Shock absorbersK Sport they are pressurized with high pressure gas and use a high quality synthetic fluid with a very high boiling point that guarantees the retardation of the appearance of fatigue and wear of the shock absorber. They use 46mm section pistons inside 53mm cylinders (larger than other brands) to maximize hydraulic storage capacity and to increase working and cooling surface area.

KSport coilovers

Height adjustment independent of spring preload

One of the advantages ofK Sport what stands out from other well-known suspension brands is its height adjustment system, which is carried out independently by the base of the shock absorber, preserving intact the preload of the springs and the stroke of the shock absorber, most of the well-known brands have the height it is regulated by the threaded seat of the spring, affecting the correct functioning of the spring/shock absorber assembly.

The height adjustment system K Sport it allows adjusting the height of the body regardless of the spring preload, some brands of suspensions allow the adjustment of the height only by the seat of the spring, causing a reduction in the work stroke of the shock absorber, causing the suspension to work resting on the stops safety elastics, in this way the "rebound effect" appears so characteristic and uncomfortable of suspensions that do not have this system.

With the systemK Sport this effect is suppressed since when lowering the height the work stroke of the shock absorber is conserved.

Damper hardness adjustment

SuspensionsK Sport they are adjustable in 36 adjustment points by click type valve in combined compression and rebound, enough to guarantee a range of adjustments for each need and asphalt conditions.

The adjustment of the hardness is carried out through a regulating mechanism that is usually found in most models in the upper part of the stem, being easily accessible.

The first 12 positions are used for comfortable driving, while positions 25 to 36 are used for sporty driving (indicated for sections and runs on circuits), the intermediate positions are from 13 to 24 and are recommended for mixed driving suitable for daily road use.

Due to the precision adjustment system used, special emphasis is placed on handling the regulator, taking special care not to force the mechanism excessively at its end stops, forcing it excessively can break the linkage, leaving this type of break out of the manufacturer's warranty due to improper handling.

K-Sport suspensiones regulables

Aluminum cups with uniball ball joints and drop adjustment

SuspensionsK Sport most of their models have upper cups made of anodized aluminum with uniball ball joints.

The uniball articulated ball joints are very resistant, they are made in Japan and their function is to nullify any flexibility or play typical of the silent blocks, and provide greater rigidity to the entire suspension assembly.

Note: Keep in mind that driving on the street can become uncomfortable and the appearance of noise is logical when removing the original flexible rubber joints.

This mechanism is incorporated whenever the chassis configuration of each car model allows it. Not all vehicle models incorporate this system due to the manufacturer's configuration and anchorages in which it is not possible. Ask us for applications to find out if your vehicle is compatible with this system. With this gadget we get three advantages;

1 - The suspensions are assembled as a "plug & play" element (assemble and go) without having to use special tools, spring compressors... ect, which makes assembly easier and faster (even at the level of user).

2 - The original elastic rubber element of the suspension is eliminated, (source of looseness and breakage in many vehicles) and also saves us the extra expense of having to mount this element that also wears out with the passage of km.

3 - Possibility of adjusting the camber (camber angle) in McPherson configurations to adjust the geometry of the axles and the dynamic behavior of the car in curves.

KSport copelas

Corrosion Protection

All dampersK Sport they are made of black chromed steel with protection against corrosion, and extreme durability even in the worst climates and the harshest winters of European countries, the aluminum components are anodized and the steel parts are subjected to an electrolysis process and sandblasted to prolong component life.

A random selection of metal pieces, supports, nuts and shafts are periodically subjected to an environment of high humidity and salinity to check and guarantee anti-corrosion protection and maintain the high degree of protection of the product.

High quality springs

K SportIt only uses steels of the highest quality, SAE9254, to further extend the life of this component and to delay the onset of fatigue as much as possible. The springs are subjected to a compression test of 500,000 cycles with a deformation of less than 5%.

Suspensiones regulables roscadas K-Sport

High quality hydraulic oil

K SportIt uses a sophisticated valve system with high-performance hydraulic oil to prevent cavitation inside the shock absorber, and to keep compression and rebound work under control even in the most extreme circumstances.

The shock absorber's job is to absorb the irregularities of the road surface and dissipate the energy accumulated in the spring through the fluid in the form of heat, this causes it to heat up to high temperatures and bubbles appear in conventional shock absorbers that use cheap low-carbon oil. quality.

It is very important that the oil used always has a suitable viscosity in a wide range of temperatures. High temperatures degrade the hydraulic fluid and cause it to lose its properties and the shock absorber to lose its effectiveness. For this reason, it is very important toK Sport use high quality hydraulics, to guarantee high performance under extreme stress and delay the onset of fatigue as much as possible.

Suspensiones profesionales K-Sport

Installation Tips

All kitsK Sport they come packaged with everything you need to assemble the suspensions in plug & play mode, that is, they come pre-assembled to install them in the car without the need to manipulate the springs, seats, cups, etc..

All the kits are supplied with two tools to adjust the nuts and spring seats, some kits can include additional elements when their assembly is necessary, such as stabilizer bar braces, brake hose supports...etc, suspensions that are not from the McPherson type and have the spring mounted separately from the shock absorber, they are supplied with height adjusting seats for the springs.

Although for the assembly of these suspensions it is not necessary to have advanced mechanical knowledge, it is recommended to assemble the suspensions in a specialized technical service, but if you choose to assemble it yourself, remember that a bad assembly can invalidate the guarantee of the suspensions , as well as misuse, accidents, blows... etc

Remember that it is essential to have the geometry of the axles and the alignment checked once the suspensions have been changed, since the geometry levels may have varied significantly and this translates into instability and erratic behavior in the car, and giving a false perception that the suspensions are not working well, it is also very important to check the tire pressures, an incorrect pressure can also negatively influence the behavior of the car.

Do not set the suspensions to an excessively hard setting as a starting point, be sure to set the settings to a position between 0 and 10 on all 4 shocks as a starting point and after running several miles with the suspensions already set up , then it is when it is recommended to start adjusting the hardness to experiment with various alternatives and to find the most suitable setup for our driving style.

If you adjust the suspension to a very extreme position of hardness, you will notice a very radical change in behavior in your vehicle that may lead to a negative first impression, even more so if you have just replaced the worn original suspension of your car

KSPORT suspensiones competicion

K-Sport Series

Street Spec Series

Specific version for comfortable street driving

Sport Spec Series

Specific version for sporty street driving and occasional runs on circuits

Racing Spec Series

Specific version for sports driving in circuits, batches, track days...etc

Drift Spec Series

Specific version for drift driving on circuits

Drag Spec Series

Specific version for straight drag races

Rally Asphalt Series

Specific version with settings for driving in asphalt rallies

Rally Gravel Series

Specific version with longer rates, stems and springs for asphalt rallies

Rally Snow Series

Snow rally specification version

Super sports series

Clubman version for circuit racing with the settings of a professional two-way suspension to adjust compression and rebound independently. 864 possible setting combinations. Separate high pressure gas cylinders

Super racing series

Professional version for track and asphalt racing with settings typical of a professional three-way suspension to adjust compression and rebound independently as well as gas pressure for low speeds. 11664 possible setting combinations. Separate high pressure gas cylinders

Pro Racing Series

Professional version for track and asphalt racing with settings typical of a professional three-way suspension to adjust compression and rebound independently as well as gas pressure for low speeds. 11664 possible setting combinations. Separate high-pressure gas cylinders, inverted monotube system and external gas cylinder hose that rotates 720º to adopt any mounting direction, 3D adjustable integrated cup system.

Legalize your suspensions with BBSport to pass ITV without problems

Depending on the interpretation of the ITV reform regulation that is made in each autonomous community, it is possible that the assembly of threaded suspensions is classified as a major reform.

In our company BBSport we can process the reform legalization process so that you do not have any problems and pass the ITV guaranteed 100%.

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