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What is an inertia or motor wheel?

When it comes to enhancing our car one of the most popular upgrades is to replace the original inertia wheel with one lighter.

In mechanics, one inertia or motor volant it is a totally passive element, which only brings the system an additional inertia so that it allows it to store kinetic energy.

This wheel continues its movement by inertia when the motor pair ceases to drive it.In this way, the inertia wheel opposes sudden accelerations in a rotative movement.

This reduces angle speed fluctuations.In other words, the wheel is used to soften the flow of energy between a power source and its load.

In summary, a motor wheel applied to a car serves to soften the transition between the step-by-step phase and the non-step phase of gas, this contributes to a very superior walking comfort, the first cars that had no wheel or were insignificant, were very sharp when accelerating and decelerating, passengers melted and could even develop injuries due to the shock.

The Advantages of Mounting an Aligned Wheel

Alligated wheels that are sold in the postmarket market are as their name indicates, lighter wheels with less weight, usually see reduced their weight between a 20 and a 40and %.

What do we get by driving a light wheel?
The first impression that we will notice is a rise of faster engine revolutions.The engine runs runs faster because it finds less resistance at the time of inertia and has to drag less weight.

As a direct consequence we will notice a much more dynamic car, it does not increase the power but decreases the weight and thus affects the power/weight ratio increasing the engine performance.

On the contrary, we have to keep in mind (as in all mechanical laws) that to have a gains of something we have sacrificed something, in this sense we have to keep in mind that it will decrease the comfort of walking, will rise from rounds faster but will also fall from rounds faster.

The transition between one phase and another becomes more obvious and sharp, but if what we are looking for are sensations of a racing cheek, this should not matter to us, the priority is to increase performance.

From theoretical point of view one thing is what in physics should happen and what actually happens.In some cases, other small changes have also been observed, such as the appearance of light thermblors or vibrations slowly, irregular slowly, etc

To avoid these phenomena, it is strongly advised to dismantle the bulk and take it with the new wheel to balance the whole to a rectificator.

To avoid compatibility problems and optimize the operation of light wheels, it is recommended to mount with a new pack of the same brand

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