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Articulations and arms Hardrace

Adjustable geometry braces, change kits, toe kits, labels and silentblocks Hard Race

To perfectly maintain geometric integrity, optimize the stability and accuracy of your chassis


Hardrace it is one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, located in the UK, it produces specific chassis components to keep the chassis geometry of your car always correct. Hardrace it is a reference in its country of origin and throughout Europe thanks to the quality of its materials.

Hardrace manufactures helmets, silent-blocks, suspension arms, fall regulation kits, parallel regulation kits, motor supports, stabilizing bars, suspension and direction labels, reinforcements, etc

Why is it so important to keep the joints in perfect condition?

Many users pay attention to the state of their amortisers, but do not pay sufficient attention to the state of the car chassis joints.Keeping the joints in perfect state and without holes is very important, especially if our car has more than 10 years of age or more than 100,000 km.

The original silent blocks are manufactured with a standard rubber compound that deteriorates over time, offering less and less control over the geometric integrity of the suspension.Because of this, the tires are also expelled faster and the drive becomes unaccurate, especially when braking or accelerating

With the use, chassis joints such as, basculants, silentblocks, labels...etc suffer a wear and a fatigue that normally passes unnoticed to the sight, it is quite complicated to diagnose a bad state of these components at simple sight, even sometimes without having obvious signs of being deteriorated, can have fatigue, for example see the lower illustrations in which a new silentblock and a old one are compared.

SIlent blocks nuevos y viejos

With continued use, the rubber joints go out and suffer the consequences of adverse climatology as well as other aggressive agents, dust, dust, stones, fuels, lubricants etc. that attack the rubber, disintegrating the material and causing the appearance of important holes.These holes can promote the appearance of the following symptoms when braking and accelerating;

  • General imbalances and instability
  • Noise in the basement
  • Erratic Chassis Behaviors
  • Imprecise direction
  • Braking and/or accelerating
  • Increased emergency braking distance
  • Irregular waste on wheels
  • Increased fuel consumption

It is strongly recommended to review all the joints and silentblocks by an expert professional to diagnose the state of these, especially if the amortisers are going to be replaced, at the lesser symptom of wear it is recommended to be replaced by other new elements.

If new suspensions are mounted, it is very possible that if there is a hidden defect this remains hidden and the feeling that still changing the suspension the car remains unstable and imprecise.

Types of silenblocks

Elastic Silentblocks

The elastic silentblocks and basculants carrying these already mounted silentblocks are made of extra boosted rubber and designed to increase stability in all joint unions, significantly helping to stabilize the suspension geometry during curves, brakes and accelerations.It is recommended for daily use and moderate sports driving applications.

Silentblocks of polyurethane

Polyurethane silentblocks are considered semi-irrigid, eliminate the elasticity of OEM rubber elastics and are much more resistant and durable than these, maintain the geometric integrity of the axes and provide a much more accurate stability than the original OEMs.

Silent Blocks

The rigid silentblocks and the basculants with these silentblocks they incorporate rigid steel spheric joints, they are designed to make rigid unions, keeping the suspension geometry fixed and stable during the curves, in brakes and in accelerations.

Applications for use in competition, not recommended for daily use it increases the rigidity of the axes, the appearance of noise and decreases the comfort of walking.

Silentblocks y brazos rígidos ajustables Hardrace

The games are sold by envased units (pairs), no ground units are sold

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