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Questions about the AST Motorsport Bolt-In

Does the painted arc come?

We don’t send the ark painted because very likely the paint would be damaged during transport.Another reason why we don’t send them painted is that it’s convenient to do so once the installation is completed, dismantling the arc again to paint it.

How is the arc attached to the vehicle?
For the anchor of the security arc, it is necessary to weld a boost plate to the carrossery on which the security arc is turning.These bases are designed by copying the form of the car’s interior soil, so you have to position them and weld them.

I’m going to weld the arck reinforcement plates, do I need to be a professional welder?
It is not mandatory to be a homologated or titled soldier, although it is very advisable.We strongly recommend deleting this operation to someone experienced in welding.It should be noted that the welding quality is very important for which the safety cage performs its function in case of accident.

In what material is the arc made?
Our arcs are made of steel E355, stretched in cold without welding.

Which tornado is used?
Our tornado is metric 8 and meets the requirements required in competition.

What is an Union Helmets?
The cluster is a piece with a tubular shape and made of steel, which has 4 holes on its surface and these are crossed by 4 turns.They are used to get a already sold arc to be introduced into the vehicle and connected with each other through these helmets.

Can I install the arc without removing the scratch?
In the Bolt-In it is necessary the disinstallation and adaptation of the slurry to do so.

Is the arc compatible with the back seats?
Not .Nothing made by AST Roll Cages it is compatible with back seats.

Do I need to adapt any element of the car to install the arc?
If you do not indicate the opposite in the item you want and depending on the vehicle model, it is possible that you have to remove or adapt: plastics, garnets, mechanisms, moquets, tapes, isolants, carrossery sheets.

Can I use HANS and arneses with the ark?
Yes, as all of our structures have a bar of arneses.

How should the vehicle be at the time of installation?
Design and installation of safety arcs with the quality and adjustment that characterizes us requires that our operators and installers have the best possible working conditions, both inside and outside the vehicle.That’s why we need the customer to uninstall a number of elements before bringing the car to our installation center and thus get an optimal, fast and efficient work, in addition to complying with the purchased installation PVP.

For the Bolt-In arcs it is necessary to bring the car with these uninstalled elements to our workshop:

• Fuel deposits
Cable and Fusible Box
• The roof
The Moqueta
• Back belt
• Front and rear seats
• Side Guarnecids
• Doors
• Baggage
• Backbags
• Heater, air and heating
• Back suspension
Front Moon and Side Crystals

In case of not being able to meet these requirements, the price of the workforce is €37 + VAT for each hour of assembly and disassembly.

Purchase and Transport

Is it compulsory to pay VAT?
Except in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla you have to pay the IGIC through your customs office.

Can I organize the shipment on my behalf?
Yes, by choosing as the option “Received in factory” and by notifying it in advance to the collection.From the notification that the ark is finished, it has 30 natural days to carry out the collection.

I don’t see my car on the lists... what can I do?
This can happen because we don’t have that vehicle model available, and in that case, we need to have in our facilities a carrossery with the completely dismantled interior to be able to digitalize it in 3D and be able to develop our firewall cages.This 3D scan and development process has an economic cost that we can assume in its entirety as long as the vehicle model has sales potential for us.Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

What are the manufacturing deadlines?
All our products are made on order.The estimated manufacturing deadlines are approximately 30 working days corresponding to our working calendar.

Can I send you the carrossery through a carrier or another person?
Yes, informing us of who the person you have delegated to do so and coordinating.

Regulations and homologations

Motorsport FIA

What is Annex J?

FIA Annex J is the Technical Regulation for Competition Cars of the International Automobile Federation.It was published in 1961 and until today it has been updated and improved edition after edition.

What is a FIA Certificate?
FIA homologation sheets are descriptive documents, made solely by the vehicle manufacturer, where a series of technical characteristics and components of the serial production vehicle are collected.In addition, they are supplemented with the competition extensions that define the competition vehicle to the whole.

Do AST structures meet Annex J?
All of our Motorsport structures marked with the FIA logo Appendix J or without the logo, are manufactured according to the guidelines and requirements that have been indicated in Annex J to be used in different championships, but this does not mean that this is automatically met for all cars.

The security cages on our website that have the logo of FIA Appendix J are those that meet the minimum required for the model and motorization detailed in the description of the same, since they are the versions of the vehicle in question that have FIA Homologation Sheet.

This does not always mean that if your motorization does not match the detailed versions in the description cannot be used in competition, since the minimum required always depends on the body or entity promoting the test.

In the case of models and motorizations that do not have any safety arc with the logo FIA Appendix J must contact the test body to know the minimum safety requirements and choose the appropriate version of our safety cages.

What is a safety arc with DNA or ASN homologation?
A safety arc with DNA or ASN homologation is a structure manufactured in accordance with the homologation regulations for structures prepared by the FIA.The homologation of this type of structures allows the manufacturer to choose other technical resources not stipulated in Annex J to the FIA.

If the regulations change, is my anti-wheel arc still valid?
And yes.The new regulations are not retroactive.

What documents have the anti-wheel arcs?
The safety cages have a documentation where the technical characteristics of the cage are specified, and in the case of acquiring a safety arc with the FIA Appendix J distinctive, it will also indicate the models and versions for which they are valid.

The Bolt-In security arcs come with the attached documentation in the same package.

The Weld-In security arcs are served in kit and are not accompanied by the definitive documentation, as the security cage certification procedure must be followed.

This procedure consists in sending a few photos of the finished cage and making the welding of the attached provet in the kit, making us get to verify the correct installation.Once verified, we send the final documentation.

What is a welding test?
A welding probe consists of two pieces of small tube, included in the kit, which must be united with each other forming a T by welding of the same type and quality with which the safety arc has been welded.