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Legalización reforma suspensiones roscadas TA Technix, V-Maxx, Eibach, Bilstein

Legalization Reform Rosked Body Suspensions Buyed at BBSport (Bonus) 40% of the

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Legalization Reform Rosked Body Suspensions Buyed at BBSport (Bonus) 40% of the

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Legalization Reform Rosked Body Suspensions Buyed at BBSport (Bonus) 40% of the

This service enjoys a 30% dto. (ja included in the price) by acquiring this service in conjunction with its suspends at BBSport

If suspensions have been purchased outside BBSport, you will not be able to opt for the discount for the full pack and then the normal price of the homologation service will apply.

pasar ITV legalizar suspensiones roscadas


In this post from our blog, we discussed the topic on the former RIG homologations that have already expired since last January 14, 2013.From then on it is necessary to legalize the reform of the majority of accessories that are installed after the registration of the car, and it is to be done for each car treated individually and specifically for each model.

Attention: Do not confuse "a product homologation certificate" with "legalize the reform" car:

Many users are confused with these terms, one thing is the manufacturer’s homologation certificate that has homologated their product in accordance with European quality standards (such as TÜV certification) and another thing is to legalize the vehicle’s reform to be inspected at the ITV and be authorized to circulate on the public road.

The law says:

The installation of any accessory that changes in technical characteristics reflected in the technical sheet is a reform typified in the RD 866/2010 that must be legalized including it in the technical sheet of the vehicle.

In the case of suspension changes in the vehicle heightwhether it’s sports moulds or roasted body suspension, both imply a reform from the legal point of view.

In the ITV:

In numerous cases many users ask us if by changing the suspension they will pass the ITV or not,
The general answer from the point of view of the current law is:

The replacement of the amortisers alone is not a reform
The replacement of the original molds by the lower ones is a reform
The assembly of roasted body suspension, yes, is a roasted suspension reform that is a reform (although it leaves to the original height)

It is of public domain that each ITV station is an universe and some are more permissive than others, in each autonomous community have the competences transferred and each makes its own interpretation of the regulation.

Some stations put more emphasis on the technical and security aspects while others are more scrupulous with the regulation and put excessive jealousy on purely bureaucratic procedures.

Our engineers elaborate the projects with theoretical tolerance stipulated as conventional, it is possible that the excessive meticulosity of some station bosses leads to measuring these tolerance with an inflexible raser that ruins the surrealist and/or absurd.

The insurance companies:

At BBSport we recommend legalizing the reforms not only to guarantee 100% favourable technical inspections but also to be legally covered by the insurance company before a possible accident.

If the reforms are not legalized, the insurance company could accept the illegality of them and then civil liability would fall on itself.

This service includes:

  • Electronically Signed Technical Project by Engineer
  • Certificate of conformity of the official laboratory signed electronically
  • Exemplar of workshop certificate (the certificate must sign an official workshop that executes the installation of the material)

The average delivery time the documentation shall be of a minimum of 15 working days and a maximum of 30

Documents required to provide:

  • Copy, photo or technical file scan (both sides)
  • Copy, photo or scan previous road travel permit
  • Tax data of the workshop that has or will make the assembly
  • Photographs of the vehicle (to specify after the purchase)
  • Impressed to fill by the customer (will be sent after the purchase of this service)