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Audi A3 2WD/4WD Mangueta 55 mm 8P 03-12 Suspensiones ajustables BC Racing Serie BR Type RS

Audi A3 2WD/4WD Stub 55mm 8P 03-12 Adjustable Suspensions BC Racing BR Type RS Series

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Audi A3 2WD/4WD Handle 55 mm 8P 03-12 Adjustable Suspensions BC Racing Series BR Type RS

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Audi A3 2WD/4WD 55mm 8P 03-12 Adjustable BC Racing Series BR Type RS

Series BC Racing

The BC Racing

The V1 Series:
Basic version of the brand.Applications limited only to some utilities, Berlin and some models 4x4

The BR Series:
It represents 90% of the catalog of applications for tourism, it is the most popular and best-selling version for daily use on road and occasional short-term circuit tandas

The RM series:
Series with inverted monotube architecture oriented to predominantly fast road sports use and for back-track cars that drift.

The series:
Series of 2 roads with compression and reboot regulation individually and with external gas deposit, indicated for sports applications, Track days on circuits and fast road intense

HR and ZR Series:
Series of 2 and 3 roads for competition applications on circuits only, not advisable for street use


Legalize your suspension with BBSport to pass ITV without trouble and avoid possible fines

Currently the assembly of roasted body suspensions is considered a reform of importance that must be legalized and included in the car sheet.

In our company BBSport we can process the process of legalization of reform so that you circulate 100% legal by the street and don’t have any problem to pass the ITV.

If you wish to hire such service, select in the product sheet submenu "Selection option: Project homologation: yes please" or click this link and add the service to the cart along with the purchase of your BC Racing suspensions, you will benefit from a 30% of the price by acquiring it all together as a pack.


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