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BMW 3-Series E36 325 UltraRacing 4-Point Front H-Brace

BMW 3-Series E36 325i Ultra Racing 4-Point Front H-Brace

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BMW 3-Series E36 325 UltraRacing 4-Point Front H-Brace

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Ultra racing refuerzos de chasis

What is the Ultra Racing Strength Bar?

By mounting these elements we succeed in strengthening the chassis, giving it more consistency, more structural rigidity, greater duration, greater stability and greater accuracy in the dynamic response of the car.

It is what is actually always sought in the racing cars, eliminating the tortion and flexibility of the current chassis to get more aplomo, greater accuracy in the chassis behavior and a much more instantaneous response of it to be able to have a sensitivity of a pilot and to play with the weight of the same in the circumstances we want (subviration, overviration, neutral behavior...)

refuerzos chasis ultra racing

When is it recommended to mount Ultra Racing chassis reinforcements?

The assembly of these elements is always closely related and recommended in engine enhancement projects, the more engine power, the more it is recommended to strengthen the chassis to endure the increase of torsions by the engine power and by the inertia forces, side G forces...

In general, it is recommended to mount strengths;

  • For cars with circuit tandas
  • Specially recommended if high adherence tires are mounted
  • Installing hard and sports suspension
  • Swaps with high power engines

Refuerzos ultra racing chasis


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